Leyen is for the people who love to be bold and stylish at the same time and are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They are conscious of the choices they make regarding sustainability. Our blueprint is to take inspiration from timeless classics and transform them with a creative twist of our own while keeping ethics and sustainability in mind for every aspect of our company.

Leyen is founded in The Netherlands by Lily Leyendeckers. A transparent fair lifestyle brand that manifested from my biggest passions: fashion, travel, vintage, and analog photography. Leyen is my vision coming to life. This is one of the reasons why our first collection of organic graphic t-shirts is called "Visions Coming to Life". We are only just getting started... 💭

Our designs are made to last a long time and are produced in an ethical and more sustainable way. We have a more in debt page devoted to this important aspect of our company, where you can see pictures of factories and transparency about the materials we use for our designs.

fair sustainable graphic t-shirt locally made
inspiration of graphic t-shirt design Leyen sustainable fashion made locally